Day 16 – June 16 – Bigfork, MT to Clearwater camping area Junction of hwy. 83 and hwy. 200 – 98 hard earned miles

Wow.  Tough day.

Rode the ups and downs of the scenic but desolate Hwy. 83.

A couple nice lakes along the side of the route today included the lakes Swan, Alva, Inez, Seeley, and Salmon.

A picture at Swan Lake. The longest lake in Montana without a dam:


All day, I looked for a day use area with a picnic table or place where I could effectively cook some noodles with my campstove, rather than the hassle of making my own makeshift camp, the breakfast sandwich in Bigfork and 3 bananas lasted me all day until I made it to where I would camp – a long story.

Because the day was going to be a long one, feasible places to stay were Seeley Lake, and Salmon Lake State Park if I needed it that far.  I made it to Seeley Lake and had time to spare, so I figured I’d push on the extra 8 miles to get to Salmon Lake State Park.  Upon arrival there, the outrageous price of a simple campsite put me right back on my bike and down the road another 7 miles.  This place was right at the junction of Hwy. 83 and Hwy. 200.

I arrived at this more primitive, but wildly more affordable camping area, and spoke with some people there – the news got better however as they said I could camp for free on the other side of the river! There were no fire pits or picnic tables on that side, but free camping could not be argued with.

Picture of my campsite:


Picture of the river about 200 feet from my camping area:


Scenic view st sunset: