Day 8 – Munising, MI to St. Ignace, MI – 114 miles

What a day.
Started out pretty early from Munising and saw my last sight of Lake Superior for the tour.
I began what I knew would be a pretty long day.  A short climb out if Munising transitioned into many miles of flat land, crossing creeks perpendicular to the road.
After about 50 miles and only one small town between, I stopped at a restaurant to eat.
About 5 miles after the restaurant, I turned to head south on a road to connect with U.S. highway 2.  These 15 miles were tough as the south wind developed, especially as I approached Lake Michigan, blowing right into my face.
About 3 miles from a town called Engadine, there were two younger individuals, brother and sister I’m assuming, that were sitting under a tent at the side of the rural road selling treats.  I stopped and bought one of their homemade treats.  Great stuff.
From Engadine, only two miles remained before the highway which I took and started east again.  About 10 miles down the road, through terrible intermittent stretches of black bug swarms, my rear wheel started to wobble.  I immediately thought broken spoke – and I was right.
I wheeled the bike to the next driveway off the highway, unloaded the gear, and took out my spoke wrench.  I was able to get it straightened out relatively well, so I carried on.
The next state forest campground was only 4 miles from the spoke repair site, and that seemed like one of the only feasible spots for tonight.
Upon arrival at the empty Hog Island campground, the bugs swarmed me and the hefty camping price without showers made me decide to get back on the road and go another 12 miles for the next campground.
My eyes continuously glanced down at the rear wheel, hoping the slight wobble wouldn’t get worse.  Highway 2 remained flat, and the weather remained good; eventually I made it to the Lake Michigan campground.
$18 for a night in a tent with swarms of bugs and also no shower here made me think twice.  With only an hour and a half of daylight left (about 8:15 p.m.), I called 2 of the closest motels.  The first one wouldn’t budge on the rates, but the second one did.  Pointe La Barbe Inn, just west of St. Ignace was my destination.
So, as daylight dwindled, I rode my bike 13 more miles along the coast of Lake Michigan to the motel.

Sun over Lake Michigan

$30 (just $12 more than a campsite with no electric or showers) got me a room with a king size bed.  I was very grateful.

Those black, hazy extensions off of the trees are swarms of the black flies
Overlooking Lake Michigan
Some stretches of the shoreline looked like coastal shoreline of an ocean