Day 10 – Cheboygan, MI to Higgins Lake, MI – 98.8 miles

An early, cool start paid off today.

Ate a quick breakfast with my host before heading out.  I traveled south from Cheboygan on Old Highway 27.

The most interesting stop of the day came just south of Indian River at Cross in the Woods Shrine.



This is an integral part of the tour.  Without God, there is no way I could do a ride across the country.  All that He has provided me both before and during the trips is what gets me through.
Because Jesus died on that cross and rose again, it gave us hope and frees us from our sins.  He died for us.  We need to live for Him.  I hope I can continue to live out that mission on this journey.

After Indian River, I encountered some hills and some very poor roads.  In Gaylord, before stopping at Arby’s for lunch, I had the first negative experience with a passenger of a car yelling out the window at me.  I didn’t really care and just kept on pedaling.

The sun and heat continued to fry me today.  I definitely do not need to work on a tan anymore.

The roads in the Lower Peninsula have been despicable.  Old Highway 27 and numerous others had no shoulders and severely damaged and patched road surfaces.  It made for very tough riding.

I also hit road construction that led me on a 4 mile detour just South of Gaylord.  Had to do about a mile and a half of additional, steep climbing.

After the town of Grayling, I couldn’t find a route to get to Higgins Lake without taking the freeway.  I tried both sides of Interstate 75 but to no avail.

I decided to bike on the interstate despite the no bicycle signs.  If the police did stop me, I would just tell them I couldn’t find another route to my destination.

I made it without a problem.

Made it to my hosts by the Higgins Lake area at a reasonable time.  They prepared dinner and we ate before going on a sunset pontoon ride with some friends of theirs.  The pontoon ride was wonderful.  Great people all around.

Hosts like the ones I’ve had really make bike touring as fun as it can be.