Day 12 – Midland, MI to Vassar, MI – 49 miles

My hosts made me breakfast!  Very grateful for that.  They also set me up with a local guy at the Bicycle Headquarters bike shop in Midland who took time out of his day to go in to the shop and get my bike tuned up.  The wire for shifting was replaced, the chain was cleaned, and I also had him put on new rear brake pads as the old ones were getting pretty worn.  We had a great conversation.

Once the bike was tuned up, I was ready to rock and Rambow (my bike) was ready to roll.

The hottest day of the tour so far proved to be nasty in more than one regard.  The wind decided to be out of the southeast today – the exact direction I happened to be travelling.

A few miles from Vassar, I happened to cross an unopened bag of Doritos!  One of the very best roadside finds I’ve had while on tour.  It doesn’t quite match the quantity of Goldfish crackers I found on my 2013 tour (a 24 pack box), but it definitely matched in quality.

I bucked the wind all of the way to Vassar.  Thankfully it wasn’t a very long day planned today.

One of my dad’s work friends agreed to host me tonight. He and his family welcomed me nicely and gave me a great meal.

It’s looking like rain tomorrow…

We’ll see what happens. Maybe tomorrow will be the first rest day.

We need more of these!
Definitely less hilly now!
Found an unopened bag of Doritos today!

Day 20 – June 20th – Bozeman, MT to Billings, MT – 143 miles – A personal best single-day mileage total

Yep. You read that right folks. 143 miles today. I didn’t anticipate making it this far at the beginning of the day, but helpful tailwinds for the first couple hours of the morning and early afternoon really helped my cause.

Bozeman Pass was the first obstacle of the day. Not too hard, but a steady climb for sure. On my way down from the pass, severe crosswinds blew over a fifth-wheel and a truck into the ditch.

Bozeman Pass:


At the top:


In Livingston I stopped at a small bike shop for a little tune-up, and they said those blowovers are pretty common.

After eating at Gil’s Goods, just a few blocks down from the Timber Trails bike shop, I was ready to rock and my bike was ready to roll. Due to construction, I took Old Clyde Park road out of town. And, before reaching the interstate, had a nasty encounter with the forceful wind as I biked south across the Yellowstone River.


Back on the road.

The wind pushed me along. Mile after mile.

Across the high desert of central-eastern Montana I went. In Columbus, surprised at the rate I was cycling, I was able to find a host in Billings, still a little ways to go, and it was starting to get late.

About 20 miles west of Billings:

After the sunset, two flat tires, and 143 miles, Rambow (my bike) pulled into the driveway of my hosts. I was greeted warmly and offered a shower and food.

Ended the day sitting around a campfire with the hosts and a fellow cyclist who was staying with the same hosts as well.