Day 1 – Avon, MN to Banning State Park, Sandstone, MN – 102.7 miles biking and 4 miles hiking

How great it is to be back on tour!
The wind cooperated for most of the day today as it was slightly at my back for the first part of the day and a side wind for about half of the day.
After a brief fiasco in the morning concerning a blown tire after 8 miles, the day went really well.
I took Highway 23 to Hinckley and Old Highway 61 to Sandstone. The day started on the Lake Wobegon Trail and many of the last miles were on the Munger Trail.
Started off the tour with a century ride (ride over 100 miles). Just another to add to my collection :)
Banning State Park is an awesome place to stay. The Kettle River will awe you. I did a 4 mile hike on a difficult hiking trail/rock climbing route. It was a tiring but rewarding way to end the day.

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