Day 14 – June 14th – Kootenai National Forest Campground at McGregor Lake, MT to Bigfork, MT – 56 miles

After a gorgeous sunset to end the previous day, a rather interesting, restless night ensued.  The chilly night air dropped in temperature to the low 40’s.  Bears were also on my mind, as this area had an extremely high number of bears.

The night passed however, and I was on my way before the clouds thickened.

A deer carcass 2 miles from camp along the roadside was a meal for a Bald Eagle.  I interrupted the feeding spree only 20 feet from the eagle, giving me a quick glimpse of this magnificent bird.

The Bald Eagle was not the only bird eyeing up the deer:


After hugging the side of Hwy. 2, with no shoulder, for 2 hours, the Dashboard Diner in Marion attracted me.  Some sausage, eggs, and pancakes provided some uplift on the rather dreary morning.  The waitress said I was the 3rd cyclist that stopped for the year, but what she said after that, the fact that it was all downhill to Kalispell, really sparked a new enthusiasm for me.

By the time I was 8 miles from Kalispell another pleasant surprise struck! A rails-to-trails bike trail! I bypassed Kalispell, through Sommers, and headed to my place for the night in Bigfork, another great host.

Bike trail:


The mountains amidst the clouds on the outskirts of Kalispell:


Bigfork, also a town in northern MN, sits at the northeast corner of the capricious Flathead lake.  (Click here for more info on this lake -> )

Flathead lake, at over 165 square miles, is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi.

While I ate dinner with the hosts, in their house with a marvelous view of the lake, the wife mentioned she was driving to West Glacier Park and biking up the west side to Logan Pass, she offered that I come along to bike and take pictures.

This offer was too hard to pass up!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending a day in Glacier National Park.