How To Go On A Cycling Tour

After planning and going on a cycling tour, many people have asked me how to do it.  How do you know where to stay?  How much money do you bring?  What kind of gear do you need?  What kind of bike?  Where should I bike?  How can I afford to pay for something like this?

These are all valid questions, but they have easier answers than you might think.

With the help of some resources that I’ve found useful, you can be planning and going on a bike trip that you’ve always thought would be great to do.

Here are some resources from Bicycle Touring Pro’s website creator Darren Alff to help you actually do a bicycle tour:

Get Rid of Your Television and Go on That Bike Tour!

The Different Types of Bicycle Touring

Choose a Location to go Biking

Bikes and Gear for Your Tour


More advice can be found from Steve Garufi at his website  He has biked across the United States twice and will be doing another cross-country tour this summer.

Other helpful cycling sources include the Adventure Cycling Association and Go Bicycle Touring

And of course – if you have questions you can contact me!


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