Day 23 – Ballston Spa, NY to Rutland, VT – 78 soggy miles

It rained all day.

I had wonderful hosts last night.  I’m definitely glad the night was spent inside and not in my tent otherwise I would’ve been wet.  It didn’t really matter though because today I biked through the rain all day long.

The first 8 miles or so were fine.  Only a fine mist in the air.  But, after that, every mile entailed some rate of precipitation ranging from light drizzle to heavy rain.

There really isn’t much to say other than the fact I was wet.  Had some good views of the Adirondack Mountains today, but my camera wouldn’t have lasted long before being soaked if I decided to take a picture so I left in inside one of my panniers all day long.

Finally out of New York and into Vermont!

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting some mountains including a pass :)  More rain forecasted though :(

Once again I’m lucky to have a host tonight.  It feels great to be out of the rain.