Day 16 – Jarvis, ON to Niagara Falls, ON – 108 km (67 miles)

Left the Star Motel this morning and went 4 miles down the road to Jay’s Restaurant for breakfast.

Wind generators blanketed some of the fields on my way east.  They are a beautiful sight!  I don’t know what the deal is with the people who are against these wind generators.  It creates clean energy, makes energy cheaper not just for residences but for businesses too, and it creates jobs by manufacturing the turbines, constructing the turbines, and maintaining the turbines.  I suggest that people think about all these benefits before they complain about having to look at the turbines.  Why don’t they complain about yards and property that are messy and filled with junk?

I hit a couple stretches of road construction today.  One stretch I wanted to bypass by going around.  After missing a turn and going down a dirt road that slowly transitioned into a muddy creek and having to turn around, I decided to just go through the road construction from now on.  I simply walked the bike when I needed.

I biked through the Wellen tunnel:


I found a host in Niagara Falls.  He was pretty cool.  I was even treated to a ride down by the falls to get some pictures :)  Here they are:






It is hard to get a grasp on how much water actually goes over those falls unless you are there.  It if easy to capture an image on camera, but you cannot capture the power of water plunging against rocks and spraying mist in the air.

Day 15 – Strathroy, ON, to Jarvis, ON – 156 km (97 miles)

It almost felt like leaving a second family this morning.  It was truly a wonderful stay in Strathroy.

The rest of the day was pretty good.  The wind was at my back, the land was flat, and the temperature was perfect.

I had a sandwich and an awesome smoothie at a Tim Hortons today.  I used a gift card given to me by my hosts last night :)

There were not any hosts remotely close to where I would end up today.  Camping spots were all also out of the way.  I decided to stay at a motel.  Got a decent price on it so I was happy.

Sorry, no pictures for today!

Day 14 Croswell, MI to Strathroy, Ontario, Canada – 106.2 km (66 miles)

In the spirit of being in Canada, I had to list the distance in kilometers :)
What a day!  I left Croswell pretty early and took the bike path that my host mentioned to me.  It took me to Lexington on the shores of Lake Huron. From there I headed south along the lake.  My tire, still with the broken spoke, wobbled on.

I had a quick mid-morning snack about half way to the bike shop in Port Huron. The bike tire wouldn’t have lasted another 5 miles after Port Huron. Another spoke broke about 3 miles from the bike shop.  It made it though :)
I took some pictures of the Blue Water Bridge first:


After spending a little time along the waterfront gazing at Canada on the other side, my bike made it to Alpine Cycles bike shop where the rear tire was replaced.  It wasn’t long after before I was at the bridge. A 15 minute wait at the bridge authority toll booth gave me time to think about my route through Canada before I could load my bike in the back of a pickup truck to get driven across the bridge to the Canada customs.  After showing them my passport, a few brief questions ensued.

Before I knew it, I was free and clear in Canada. The first stop was currency exchange. The second stop was Subway to use some of that cash. Canadian currency is much more interesting and colorful than U.S. currency!

An awesome west wind developed, allowing me to roll out of Sarnia with some speed. Sustained speeds of 18-20 mph were common for a couple hours.

When I rolled into Strathroy, a few things needed to happen. Because I now have no mobile data or calling capability from my phone, wi-fi needed to be found to find a place to stay tonight – either a campground or a host.

On the west side of Strathroy, while biking into town, some people in a car that passed by cheered out their window at me. I waved and was pleased that if nothing else, there were some cycling enthusiasts here :)

I stopped at an intersection to get my bearings and asked an individual if there was a McDonalds or something with wi-fi in town. He pointed right up the street.

I ordered a drink to have while searching for hosts or campsites. As I was sitting down, I looked over to be greeted by the people who drove by me on the other side of town.

A woman named Sharon and her two daughters Becky and Emily were the ones from the car. They sat down by me and inquired about my trip. We talked for a few minutes until they asked where I would be staying. I asked them if there were any good places to camp around Strathroy – which there really wasn’t – but they invited me to their place. They even said they would have food for me!

How amazing that was.

They gave me directions to their place and departed.

I couldn’t believe it. I needed a place and was unsure all day what I would do for tonight, but God put these people in my path.

When I arrived at their place, I was greeted warmly and met the rest of the family – John and Josh. We had great conversation over dinner and all evening long. It was great to learn some of the little differences between Ontario and the U.S. Where I was earlier today.

It couldn’t have been a better first day experience in Canada.

Becky, Emily, and Josh – This Rocket popsicle picture is dedicated to you!