Day 22 – Amsterdam, NY to Ballston Spa, NY – 23 miles


It was 2:00 pm before I finally left for the day. I used the time for some wonderful rest though :)

Stopped at a place called Cappie’s Drive-In for some afternoon food after a long climb out of Amsterdam. Inside, nobody really paid attention to me when they saw me roll in on my bike. It took a while – until I was almost done eating – for someone to jokingly ask about how the day was for a bike ride. I could have just said it wasn’t too good, but I added that I’ve biked from Minnesota.

Instantly all heads in the establishment turned to look at me and I could tell that I had the compete attention of the place. I gave a brief description of the ride and my ride last year. The people inside Cappie’s were flabbergasted. A few of them made the comment that they could never do something like what I’m doing and such.

I should’ve responded to them that they were wrong. With that attitude, absolutely you can’t do it. So much of touring is mental. Also, after all, by myself, I wouldn’t be able to do this trip either. It is God that gives me the strength.

Maybe those good folks will see this :)

I continued on through the light drizzle into the slight NE headwind. It was a rather worthless day. Not much cooperated today.

I was able to find some great hosts for tonight though!

Hopefully I’ll be able to go farther tomorrow.