Day 20 – Auburn, NY to New York Mills, NY – 84 miles

I am very grateful for the stay in Auburn. It rained last night and I would’ve been in it if I didn’t have hosts.

The canal trail has been calling my name since I left it to get to Geneva and Seneca Falls. Knowing that it was flat biking gave good reason to use the trail, so I headed north out of Auburn and picked up the trail in Weedsport.

The canal trail continued until Syracuse. Against my better judgment, I biked through the middle of Syracuse. It wasn’t too bad. There was a ton of construction downtown, but that almost made it easier on a bike because of the constrained and slower traffic. On the east side of the city, a bike lane appeared and I followed that out of Syracuse.

Intermittent drizzle throughout the day and high humidity made the biking less enjoyable. But hey, I am traveling and seeing the world – I wouldn’t rather be doing anything else.

While biking the canal trail in the evening, a large snapping turtle decided to camp out right in the middle of the path.


I had to plow through the tall grass to get around it.

I continued biking through the drizzle all the way to New York Mills.

A section of the Old Erie Canal Trail
Old bridge over Old Erie Canal