Day 13 – Vassar, MI to Croswell, MI – 60 miles

After a steak dinner last night, clean laundry, and a comfortable bed to sleep in, the stay was definitely a wonderful one. My dad’s friend in Vassar has a great family. I’m grateful for the stay.

After sending me off with some food and numerous offers for hot breakfast, I wanted to get going early in case of rain – which was forecasted later today. I figured on biking southeast toward Marine City, but a strong south wind changed my plans.

I ended up deciding to bike almost exclusively east to Lake Huron, then going south and taking the Blue Water bridge to Sarnia.

I ate at an excellent café in Brown City. The pork steak dinner was served quick and it was very flavorful.

The afternoon brought more bad luck – another broken spoke. The decision to once again not carry extra spokes backfired. The extremely rough roads I traversed in the northern part of the Michigan lower peninsula almost definitely can be attributed to the spoke breaking. Again I found myself using the spoke wrench to straighten it out as best I could and began limping along. I’d need to make it another 40 miles before another bike shop.

I made it to Cromwell without any rain :) My host for the night is part of the Cromwell EMS unit. We had great conversation. He bought me dinner at the restaurant in town as well.

I saw the one attraction Cromwell has:
A swinging bridge!

My host has interest in hiking. After watching a video about the Continental Divide Trail, I think I may be hooked. Maybe my next adventure…?