Day 11 – Higgins Lake, MI to Midland, MI – 81 miles

A rather boring day today.  I don’t even have any pictures for it!

The first 40 miles of the day were rather hilly.  I took a break from the hot sun and ate lunch in a small town called Meredith at a pizza place.  The calzone I had was quite large – and quite good.
After Meredith, I headed south through Amish country.  They are great people.

All day I had to battle an east wind.  The only time there is an east wind it seems is when I’m biking.

In the town of Coleman, a bicycle trail called the Pere Marquette trail went east.  This trail is definitely the nicest bike path I’ve ever been on.

I took the trail all of the way to Midland.
Midland surprised me.  As a Community Development/ Urban Planning major, I often look at the design and layout of the cities I go through.  The houses in Midland were set far back from the streets with plenty of green space between the roads,  sidewalks, and houses.  The city also had many designated bike paths.  Very nice!

Staying with hosts again tonight.