Day 4 – Ironwood, MI to Porcupine Mountains State Park, MI – 67 miles

How nice it was to sleep in until about 8:00 a.m. this morning. I walked over to the Uptown Café for breakfast – they do have the best blueberry pancakes!

Left Ironwood at about 10:45 a.m. The riding wasn’t too bad. There was only a slight wind and it was from the southwest – perfect for pushing me along :)

I met another touring cyclist today! He was from Canada. We stopped and talked for a few minutes. Once again it was great to see another like-minded individual.

The sun continued to beat down as I crossed into the eastern time zone. Much of the landscape looked the same for many miles – trees on each side of the road and some rolling hills – until I saw Lake Superior. I had to fight some wind for a few miles which is common by the lake, but the fight to get there was totally worth it:

DSCN2147There was even a guy fishing!


I figured I’d take a picture on the sandy beach.



The Union Bay campground in Porcupine Mountains State Park had good reviews on Google so I decided to set up camp here. I knew that it was only a few miles to the Lake of the Clouds overlook, so I quickly put the tent up, dumped my gear inside, and headed up. Up up up. 7 miles up to the view – and the view was totally worth it:

DSCN2169 DSCN2171The way back was easy cruising at 20 mph downhill.

Back at camp, the second can of chili for the trip lended itself well to my appetite. I talked with some of the neighboring campers. Great people up here. Maybe Michigan can share the “Minnesota Nice” slogan :)

The day wasn’t over yet however. Sunsets over Lake Superior are my specialty! Here is one of them:


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – Ironwood, MI to Porcupine Mountains State Park, MI – 67 miles

  1. Welcome to Michigan brother. Fear not, as you get further south, people become bigger jerks. ;)

    Joking, kind of, of course. The UP is an amazing place, as is much of the north of the LP. Hard to believe there’s so much ice still left on Superior. That’s a real testament to just how bad this winter was around here.


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