Day 3 – Lyman Lake, WI to Ironwood, MI – 98 miles

Started early today.  After a great stay with my hosts last night, I could tell that I slept on a bed and not the ground in a tent!

It was rather calm this morning as you can see by this picture of Lake Nebagamon:


Is this picture shown upside down?


I stopped in Brule for some food at a café then headed east on Highway 2.

After 35 miles of unrelenting sun and numerous hills, I reached Ashland.  Just before reaching Ashland, I came across another cyclist who was cycling around the country.  We exchanged cards and talked for a bit.


View of Ashland on the lake.

In Ashland, I had a quick bite to eat at Big Ben’s Famous Gyros.  A very cool place.  While eating, I had a conversation with 3 local college students.

My goal was to make it to Ironwood, so I pedaled on.


Mining used to be a large part of industry up here.

I reached Ironwood at about 7:30 p.m.  After eating, taking a shower, and just starting on this blog post, I easily fell asleep.