Youthworks 2014 Mission Trip


July 4th – 13th I went to serve with 23 senior high youth and 4 other adult leaders on a mission trip to Brooklyn, NY.

St. Benedict’s church in Avon organized this trip. Link to St. Benedict’s church:

The mission trip was through a Christian-based organization called Youthworks. Youthworks has 80 mission trip sites across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Here is a link to the Youthworks website:

This was my 3rd Youthworks trip, 2nd as an adult leader. Some amazing work is done on these trips. My first trip, in North Minneapolis included working at a soup kitchen to provide food for the homeless, spending time with the elderly, and volunteering at a youth shelter where we read, played games, and brought joy to inner city youth. That trip not only provided help to the poor that I helped serve, but it planted another seed in me that inspired me to volunteer on another trip, and do things like my cycling charity rides.

I want more high school students (like me 3 years ago) to have that experience, and have a seed planted in them.

This year on the trip, we served at senior centers and kids clubs to minister to people and forge relationships with people who may otherwise not have people to socialize with.  Poverty has many forms.

If you are interested in mission trips far away or close to home, click on the “Contact Me” tab at the top of the website or click here.

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