Giving back with bikes

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Iain Treloar and Danielle Madeley find that, when paired with a social conscience, bikes have the ability to change lives.

The bicycle has long been a powerful tool of empowerment and freedom.  Capable of conquering previously insurmountable distances in the developing world, bikes grant vital mobility to the poor and disempowered. In Australia, most of us are lucky are enough that such concerns aren’t critical in our decision to ride a bike—we experience, and love, bike riding for the sheer joy of it, for exercise, for health benefits, and for the quiet environmental and societal change it can create.

However, there are a number of organisations using the bicycle as a tool for positive change. Innovative, bike-related community programs, not-for-profits and social enterprises are springing up across Australia.

Recycled bikes

Bikes 4 Life aims to provide sustainable transport to the underprivileged, particularly youth, in vulnerable, isolated and neglected areas across…

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