Day 25 – June 25 – Miles City, MT to Glendive, MT – 80 miles

I utilized the McDonalds in town for a quick breakfast before getting up to the freeway exit to start the day of cycling. My route continued northeast on the freeway alongside the Lewis and Clark trail on Old Highway 10 and the Yellowstone River.

Dizzy Diner provided a good lunch in Terrry, MT. I had the special, attracted by the price and not the food itself. The bacon-wrapped beef hot dog was better than expected however, and the fries were of good quality. A caramel roll topped off the meal, and I left after taking a picture of the fine establishment:

Nothing surprised me all of the way to Glendive as the landscape continued without change.

Getting to Glendive, numerous options concerning where to stay confronted me. Makoshika State Park was an option, but it was still on the southwest part of Glendive and it would include a bit of a trek off of my intended path.

I looked on my phone and found a campground on the east side of town. After haggling over the price of my site for the night, I landed a considerable discount. The campground, close to the western border of North Dakota, was quite full for it being mid-week. Then I realized many of the campers there likely housed people in the oil industry. The oil boom even had an impact out here.

My campsite was nestled between two guys working in ND and a mother and son from Canada who were visiting relatives down here in the states. The Canadiens offered me some of their food, which I gladly accepted to compliment my chili, while the two buff oil workers offered nothing but loud music and obnoxious shouting between them.

This is my last night here in Big Sky Country.

2 thoughts on “Day 25 – June 25 – Miles City, MT to Glendive, MT – 80 miles

  1. Thanks so much for comtinuing your blog even after your return. It was hard to have followed you all that way and not see “the end of the story”. I would encourage you to complete the blog all the way to the end, pics and all. You won’t regret the memory in later years!


    1. Yeah I’ve been working on it. I was on a mission trip in Montana until Saturday so it’s been hard to sit down and dedicate time. I’ll finish it though! Thank you for reading it!


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