Day 24 – June 24th – Forsyth, MT to Miles City, MT – 50 miles

After getting packed up and the tires back on Rambow, I stopped at the workplace of my host to give a final good bye. While I was there, a lady from the local newspaper stopped by and jotted down info for a newspaper article.

I was told of spots I could eat and camp along the way east of Forsyth, said goodbye, and headed off.

The new 28mm tires that I put on really felt good on the ride.  The decreased surface area of the tires on the road helped my speed and coasting ability despite the crosswinds and headwinds that I fought with east of Forsyth.

I noticed a broken spoke on my tire and some loose ones just 7 miles out of Forsyth. Thinking that this likely came from my whole ordeal the previous 2 days, I became nervous not knowing how well it would hold up for the next 200 miles til the next big town, Dickinson, ND. I rode on.

The 2nd dog attack of the trip happened just west of Rosebud, MT. About 100 feet before passing the driveway, I noticed a dog get up from it’s perch on the deck next to the house. It proceeded to bolt toward the road. I sped up and made it to the intersection of the driveway and the frontage road just before the dog made it. No harm done.

My route parallelled the Yellowstone River all of the way to Miles City where I decided to spend the night. At the Dairy Queen, one lady donated $15 to the cause. Multiple other people inquired about the trip, as usual, and one couple also looked at my bike and talked to me about it as they themselves did some cycling too.

3.7 miles separates the Miles City Dairy Queen and the Big Sky campground where I stayed. Big Sky campground has been the best camping experience so far. They gave me a great break on the camping rate. $5 got me a tent site, shower, pool access, wifi in the entire park, and a porch area by the clubhouse. Not to mention the wonderful people I would meet.

I lounged at the porch by the clubhouse, eating my goldfish crackers and cookies from church yesterday morning. As I typed away on this blog, I met a couple from Belgrade, MN. After chatting with them for a while, the owners of the park offered me some free food and drink. I politely declined as I was still full from Dairy Queen, but I did accept a can of Coke.

On the way back to my campsite, in the corner but still with good wifi reception, I struck up conversation with a couple who were camping at the site next to me. They were very nice. We talked for over an hour about their travels and mine. They gave me more inspiring words to keep on my mission, not just for this trip, but for my life. I will always remember them.

The day came to a close in the northeast corner of the half-full Big Sky campground in my tent. I was ready for another day.