Day 23 – June 23rd – Rest day in Forsyth, MT

A relaxing, hospitable day followed yesterday’s crazy night.

I attended church at Immaculate Conception Catholic church at 9:00 a.m.  After mass, snacks were served in the gathering area on the way out of the church.  Making my way into line to be served, a sociable, older man started conversation.  Soon after, a small group of people were talking with me.  Before getting any food, someone donated $10 to the cause and many were fascinated with my trip.  The servers of the snacks were quite interested as well.  At the table, I talked with the friendly people of the church before leaving.  Getting ready to go, a surprise gift consisting of the extra snacks packed up in a box for me on my journey was presented to me from the servers.

I couldn’t move without experiencing hospitality.

I walked back to the host’s house, not far from the church, taking in every breath of warm, refreshing, Montana air.  The temperature, sunshine, and lack of pestering mosquitoes really allowed me to enjoy this time off of my bike.

My hosts, wonderful as they are, continued garnering support from the community and really became an ally to raising awareness and support for my cause.  Before we left to Billings, a stop at Top That Eatery yielded me free lunch (I know you economics buffs out there will dispute this and it’s true, there is no such thing as a free lunch).  The workers there knew who I was through the Facebook vine even before I set foot in the place.

Everyone in town knew me.

The 100 mile drive to Billings retraced the route I traveled just the day before. This time, however, much faster and without incident.

The Spoke Shop was open today and offered what Rambow (my bike) needed to get back on the road again. I knew the tires I had were a large part of the plague of flat tires I’ve had so far, so I looked at tires as well as getting extra inner tubes.

I left the Spoke Shop with 2 new tires and 4 inner tubes. My gracious, generous hosts ended up purchasing the tires to contribute to my cause and the guy assisting with the purchase gave me the inner tubes for half price.

The generosity continued.

After enjoying some cookie pizza and ice cream to celebrate the birthday of one of the daughters of my hosts, we drove back to Forsyth.

I put one of the tires on my bike before it was time for the showing of Man of Steel at the Roxy Theatre in town.

The hospitality continued with free concessions for me.

The evening ended with some pizza and the installation of the new tires on my bike.