Day 9 – June 9 – Grand Coulee, WA to Spokane, WA – 87 miles

Awaking earlier than I wish I had to from the nice, comfortable, queen-size bed, I prepared myself for what I knew would be a long day.

The departure of Grand Coulee started with a nice 400ft + climb (not what I was hoping for).  At the top, a building tailwind blew at my back (a west wind!).  This, I knew, would be of great benefit today.  The winds aided my travel across the flat land of eastern Washington.  In Wilbur (the town I would have stopped at if I rode like a maniac yesterday) I stopped to refill my water supply at a gas station, and was asked by a man filling up with gas where I was headed to.  Upon my reply of Minnesota, he asked if I was raising money for something.  I didn’t even finish explaining to him the orphans that I am trying to help before he handed me $20 for them.

There are so many good people out here.

The rest of the day entailed crop fields, some cookies and lemonade at a rest area about 10 miles out of Davenport, a short stop at a beautiful park in Davenport, a nice cherry shake at Dean’s drive-in in Reardan, and arrival at my wonderful hosts for the night in the 2nd largest city of the tour so far, Spokane.

Bjorn and Julianne were wonderful people who also have a passion for touring.  It is always good to talk to others who understand what bicycle touring entails.  They were great hosts and I am grateful for the stay.