End of Train Ride and Arrival in Seattle – Day 3

The Cascades greeted me outside of the train window as I awoke this morning.  After taking a stretch break in Wenatchee, WA, I simply sat and gazed at the landscape I will soon be trekking over myself.


Hunger for breakfast struck around 6:30 a.m., but knowing the inflated price of breakfast on the train, I decided to try to wait it out.
It only lasted temporarily and at about 7:00 a.m. I succumbed to my stomach and headed to the dining car.

I was seated next to Kim, a very nice lady on her way home to Everett, WA.  We had a wonderful conversation as we enjoyed the delicious Amtrak breakfast.  As our conversation came to a close and the plates were emptied, I proceeded to pay for my food but was beat to it by her as she insisted it was her contribution to my cause.  I thanked her kindly.

Those are the amazing people I want to highlight on this trip.

I arrived at King Street Station in downtown Seattle about 15 minutes ahead of schedule.  Within 45 minutes of arrival, my bike was ready and I was on my way to my friend Nati’s place. 8 miles from the station, I was greeted by the co-worker and friend I had seen only 2 weeks before back in MN.  His family greeted me warmly.  A nice shower, the first in two and a half days, not only helped me clean up, but revived me and started getting the blood flowing after the 37 hour train ride.  After some Pizza Hut, a quick nap ensued.

Ethiopian food is amazing, at least the stuff I had.  Doro is a spicy, tasty dish that I enjoyed that had chicken, a cooked egg, and some cottage cheese to balance the spice.  It really was great.

The evening consisted of a few hours spent at Matthews Park and Green Lake Park.  The flawless weather continued into the evening as the sunshine beamed through the 78-degree sea air.  Here is a picture at Green Lake:


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Seattle today.  This city is scenic, surrounded and filled with nature, and it even has many bicycle friendly roads!  I wouldn’t mind living here someday, but tomorrow I will be on my way out.

Seattle will be hard to beat!

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  1. Your adventure sounds absolutely amazing. I enjoy reading your post. And jealous of what you get to experience. Have a safe trip!!


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