Train ride day 1

Preliminary ride – Amtrak Empire Builder train
Day 1

June 1st is here!  Can’t believe it’s already time for my tour.
I arrived at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Amtrak station with the gracious company of my uncle Dan Maranell and my mother.  I acquired the bike box for my bike, packed it, taped it up with a little help, and checked it in with my other checked baggage.

Still having plenty of time, my mother suggested the local Arby’s for dinner.  The roast beef sandwich and curly fries satisfied my stomach’s appetite, but the appetite of my imagination for the trip about to commence only became more poignant.

We arrived back to the station together for a few pictures to satisfy my mother.  After the photographs, it was just myself and everyone else heading westbound at the station.

While waiting in the reception area, I noticed two individuals who were quite good at juggling.  Peter and John Wagner could juggle anything.  Discs, bean bags, bowling pins – you name it.  I asked if I could get a video clip of them and they agreed.

Just from the short time I’ve been at the station, I sense that the people I met in this trip will help me stay together mentally.  I may not be the must sociable person all the time-I do like my space-but we are social beings and other people can help us not only get through things, but enjoy and cherish it as well.

The train arrived a little late to the station, but I boarded and was off around midnight.

The journey has begun!